You Don't Know Till You Try!

Fellow voice over actress, Lori Ferguson Ferth, asked that I write a blog after I posted this on my Facebook fan page:

"Not sure your voice meets the specs of a project? Give it a shot anyway! You don't know till you try!"

Lori's asked to hear a story of my winning a job I thought my voice wasn't right for.

I must say, this has happened a number of times in the past year.

My "money voice" has been the happily amped, highly charged, Disney-esque toy commercial read. Now I can spit that read out so easily, it's just second nature. I can generally get it in one take, without really breaking down the copy or overthinking the read.

In the past 18 months, I've had some personal experiences (namely, a divorce, and all that comes with that) which have changed the shape of my perspective. This, in turn, has most definitely changed the way I interpret and read certain types of copy. I am able to lend a bit more gravitas and compassion to a read.

For example, I NEVER book the "hospital" read. You know the one... the "warm, compassionate, caring" read. But recently, I booked a large gig for that very read. The client definitely liked something about my sound when they heard the audition, regardless of whether my audition read fit the specs exactly.

Normally, I would likely not make auditioning for a gig like that a priority, however, I do try to submit on ALL auditions that land in my inbox. While specs are often somewhat specific (and, well, sometimes they're not), I think that in the end, the client only knows what they want once it graces their ears.

Here's another example: again, knowing my money voice is that hyped happy toy read, I DO audition for things that are sultry and sexy, and lately, land them! I've landed one very large account using this sexy, sultry read.

Point is this: you might have your "money voice" now, but know this can change, based on events in your life. Your perspective is ever-changing. Also, even though you're given specs with the audition, sometimes the client just "knows" what they want, once they hear it.

And you don't know if you're what they want, till you try!


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  • 6/1/2012 2:14 PM Lisa Biggs wrote:
    What a great post!! So inspiring!! For a long time, I wrestled with stepping outside my comfort zone as a "kid" and when I did, I booked the first "big girl" audition I read for. Thanks for sharing Caryn!! xoxo!!
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    1. 6/1/2012 2:56 PM Caryn Clark wrote:
      Thank you, Lisa!! I'm glad you could relate. Congratulations on the booking outside your wheelhouse!!! Keep opening those doors. Hugs!!

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