Good Words to Live By

I came across a quote today that really resonated with me, and thought I'd share.

"How people treat you is their Karma; how you react is yours."  - Wayne Dyer

While I'm a college graduate with a degree in English, I am by far not the most cerebral chick on the planet.   And, I'm not a Buddhist. However, I can appreciate much of the Buddhist way of thinking. I love this quote. I come from a family where we joke that our reactions are based on the premise of "Ready, Fire, Aim."  I think my siblings and I pay special attention to not react like that in business or personal situations.

So, if you have a client that is just annoying you by asking for a million retakes on a project you decided to cut him a break on and now it's taking up more time than you anticipated, or it's a personal relationship issue, remember this quote. Step back, take a breath, and think about how you're going to react.  Know that your reaction sets the tone for what happens going forward.

We need our clients in order to be successful, so it often pays to be the bigger person.


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